The 2021 Gayborhood List has been announced!

We are delighted to announce our first internationally recognized #Gayborhood list. Our trustees spent hours researching the most exciting areas of gay sanctuary across the world.

The challenges for our trustees in compiling this list were immense, in large part due to the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Painstaking work was undertaken to speak to residents in cities and towns all around the world to ascertain what it is like to live in each area.

There are 33 areas now internationally recognized as a #Gayborhood. The USA leads the way with 9 Gayborhoods, with Australia and the UK on 4 each.

Our trustees were heartened to find that despite the lockdown restrictions in many countries gayborhoods still thrived. They mentioned how LGBTQI+ contributions to the pandemic have had a hugely positive impact on wider society.

The Gayborhood Foundation would like to congratulate all of those areas that made this year’s list.

The full list is published here and the criteria is here.

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Trustees meeting has begun!

Our trustees have begun the long and difficult task of discussing each potential neighborhood for inclusion on the #Gayborhood list. They are consulting with individuals around the world in order to assemble the list. We would like to thank the many people who got in touch to advocate for the areas they live, work and enjoy life in.

We are still taking submissions for #Gayborhoods, so if you believe your area or an area you have been to should be included please tell us on our contact page.

The list will be announced later this year.

Welcome to the Gayborhood Foundation website!

The Gayborhood Foundation is a non-profit worldwide organization dedicated to finding and empowering residential areas of exceptional gay sanctuary.

We build rewarding relationships with these gay neighborhoods (#Gayborhood) serving as spaces where gay people can live, thrive and make a significant impact on society without fear.

Our trustees will soon begin the search for potential neighborhood candidates for inclusion on the inaugural #Gayborhood list.

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